The Fundamental 4 Skills for Leadership

Lead 4 Success

Lead 4 Success™ moves leaders from average to high performing by developing the 4 fundamental skills (self-awareness, learning agility, influence, and communication) that leaders at any level need to master for success.

Lead 4 Success™ is a robust 2-day training program representing the essence of the Center for Creative Leadership’s (CCL®) leadership content. Using CCL’s time-tested approach to leadership development, we incorporate:

  • Experiential activities to learn through doing

  • A safe environment for all participants to try new behaviors

  • Peer-based learning and networking opportunities

  • Proven CCL leadership models

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Success Video

Who Should Attend

  • Emerging leaders with no direct reports, but on the path to leadership in the next 12 to 18 months

  • First-time managers who have been in role for 6 to 12 months

  • Leaders with 3 to 5 years of experience leading others

The Fundamental 4 Skills

No matter the intelligence, experience, or drive, the same 4 core skills are important for every leader at every level. We call them the Fundamental 4: self-awareness, learning agility, influence, and communication.

The Fundamental 4 have endured the test of time and are the basis for the Lead 4 Success™ program, where participants immerse themselves in development, adapt these skills to their own leadership contexts, participate with peers in learning, and share ideas to apply to their leadership lessons to their real world.

Better Conversations Every Day™



Do these organizational pain points sound familiar to you?

  • Managing performance more effectively day-to-day

  • Communicating with a multi-generational workforce

  • Engaging and retaining talent

  • Becoming more agile and making better decisions

  • Moving away from command-and-control leadership

The solution begins with better conversations every day, from the front desk to the corner office.


Coaching Skills for Every Employee in Your Organization

Better Conversations Every Day (BCE) is a 1-day experience that provides coaching skills across your entire organization.  Micro-learning assets, workshop kits, and evaluation tools are available to sustain the learning.

Unique Aspects of Better Conversations Every Day:

  • The Better Conversations Every Day model is informed by neuroscience. People need to experience about a 4:1 ratio of positive and encouraging interactions to challenging interactions to avoid the perception of being threatened or overly criticized. This program equips your people to have both types of conversations. It aims to increase the amount of positive feedback and empowering conversations that will increase engagement, promote psychological safety, and help avoid triggering a threat response.

  • Applying the learning begins in Hour 2 of our program — not when they get back to the office. BCE participants immediately begin applying the 4 core behaviors and spend nearly half of the 1-day program solving real workplace challenges, proving these solutions work in real time.

  • Difficult conversations often need to happen because better conversations didn’t.Our approach is to get ahead of difficult conversations and equip people to avoid having conversations that come as a result of waiting for a “crucial” point to arise. And when these conversations are inevitably needed, our model unlocks collaboration and understanding while minimizing resistance.

Want to see what Better Conversations Every Day can do for you and your organization? BCE can be delivered by CCL or licensed through train-the-trainer.


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Real progress on real workplace challenges.

Every participant ready to replicate the result in your workplace.

In 1 day. Guaranteed!

What You Will Experience

Our approach is culture change, not manager training. More powerful than strategy and more persistent than vision, the culture of your organization either enables sustainable performance or subverts it. Your culture can be the key differentiator that puts you ahead of the competition.

Most coaching skills programs target managers. We target every employee in the organization.  We believe our approach — addressing managers and individual contributors — doubles the effectiveness of the program by ensuring everyone is aligned and committed to think and act differently. This is a unique and transparent approach where people learn and experience the same thing as their managers do, rather than feeling like their managers learned something that is being executed on them.

You’ll see what’s possible when everyone from the front desk to the corner office is impacted by a coaching mindset and practices 4 core positive behaviors:

CCL’s Better Conversations Every Day approach is simple and engaging. You learn a core skill, practice it with a small group, then give and receive feedback to lock in the learning. By the end of the day, you’ll see the results in real time as you make progress on actual workplace challenges.  And as always with CCL, there’s no silly or awkward role play involved.

The Result

Imagine a workforce with the courage and skill to unearth truth, grapple with difficult issues, unlock collaboration, and create liberating space for discovery and action — in real time, while doing real work.


  • Act with greater agility and resilience

  • Address issues with openness and respect

  • Engage effectively in ongoing performance discussions

  • Create a culture of honest feedback and continual coaching