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Management Consulting

We offer a range of human resources consultation services that aims to transform HR as whole or develop a single HR process. Our services are based on best-fit practices that addresses the context and challenges that are confronting your organization.

Human Resources cannot expect to keep up with a changing world by standing still. At Tharwah, we think of the future of HR differently than most. Many obstacles get in the way of HR success: reorganizations, talent shortages, budget pressures, employee demands, and disruptive new technologies. But at Tharwah, we don’t just want you to react to these issues — we want your HR team to become an essential business partner leading the way in delivering the best results that you envisioned.

When we tested the relative impact of individual competence (talent) and organization capability (culture, systems) on business performance with 1200 businesses and 32,000 individuals, we were somewhat surprised that the organization had four times the impact on business results.

Dave Ulrich


HR Strategy Design

HR Strategy

Organizational Excellence

Organizational Excellence

Salary Benchmark and Design

Salary Benchmark
and Design

Communication & Change Management

Communication &
Change Management

Operating Model & Structure

Operating Model & Structure

Workforce Planning


Competency Design


Job Description & Evaluation

Job Description & Evaluation

Performance Management Design

Management Design

Succession & High Potential Consulting

Succession & High Potential Consulting

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