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In the Management Consulting Sector, we focus on our clients’ projects by analyzing, imagining, and developing their future strategies and capabilities, enabling them to meet current challenges, and set themselves up for a sustainable future. We are passionate about giving our clients all the needed organizational capabilities to empower them to work effectively and efficiently, besides focusing on the outcomes of the business to enable the organizational purpose and have a high concentration on employee experience.

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Regardless of how complex your business challenges are, we have the knowledge and expertise to provide the answers you need to move forward. As a local leader consulting firm, we can assist you in taking decisive action and achieving long-term success.


Tharwah Management Consulting Services

Our services are based on best-fit practices that addresses the context and challenges that are confronting your organization.

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Human Capital Consulting

We believe that successful transformations start with having the right organizational infrastructure to help achieve strategic objectives, we are constantly expanding our service domains to ensure knowledge transfer and the development of local capabilities.

Organizational Excellence Consulting

As an advisory firm, we aim to make ongoing efforts to develop internal enablers of standards and procedures for organizations that will engage and inspire your staff to provide solutions and services that meet the needs of your customers while exceeding expectations and the highest maturity of Organizational Excellence.

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"We aim to prepare an ambitious citizen who possesses skills and knowledge and keeps up with the ever-changing labor market, thereby contributing to the development of a solid economy based on skills and knowledge and human capital."

- Prince Mohammed bin Salman

  • What is Tharwah?
    We are a Saudi-based firm that specializes in human capital advisory services. Since our founding in 2012, we have been dedicated to enabling the development of human capital in organizations and contributing to achieving their strategic goals. We also assist them in selecting and developing promising talent, while offering advice on strengthening employee job engagement and continuous development to ensure high-performance sustainability.
  • Who is the founder of Tharwah?
    Abdullah ALZahrani is the founder and CEO of Tharwah, he holds a master's degree in human resources management from the University of Minnesota, USA, and has extensive experience of over 18 years in this field. He began his career in leading companies such as Aramco and Sadara.
  • What is Tharwah’s vision?
    We aim to become a leading expert center in the field of human capacity development by delivering best-in-class solutions that meet global standards while taking into account local understanding.
  • What are the services provided?
    We offer a diverse range of services in the fields such as human development, capability-building, and talent development, including the following: Management Consulting, Organisational Excellence, Talent & Leadership Development, and Talent Management.
  • How does Tharwah contribute to empowering human capabilities?
    At Tharwah, we believe that the success of organizations stems from the success of their employees. Therefore, we provide exceptional services in the field of human resources that contribute to empowering capabilities and discovering talents to elevate them in organizations and societies.
  • Where is the head office of Tharwah located?
    The Company's head office is located in the capital, Riyadh, Al-Narjis district. Other locations where we have branches include Jeddah, Dammam, Dubai, and Egypt.

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