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Our management consulting services are focused on our clients' most challenging issues and opportunities: strategy, organization, excellence, and transformation. We contribute deep functional expertise and have demonstrated a multiplier effect by maximizing the total aspects rather than the individual pieces.

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Regardless of how complex your business challenges are, we have the knowledge and expertise to provide the answers you need to move forward. As a local leader consulting firm, we can assist you in taking decisive action and achieving long-term success.


Tharwah Management Consulting Services

Our services are based on best-fit practices that addresses the context and challenges that are confronting your organization.

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Human Capital

We work to provide our services to a large base of clients to analyze their human capital strategies and practices and help them design, develop, and implement their future human capital strategy. We are always passionate about giving our clients all methodologies to enable them to operate effectively and efficiently.

Strategy and Performance

Strategy formulation and corporate performance management are no longer an administrative luxury, but rather an urgent need for the changes that are taking place globally. Therefore, at Tharwah, we developed our services to provide strategies and corporate performance management solutions.


Organizational Excellence

As an advisory firm, it is our obligation to build ongoing efforts to create an internal framework of standards and procedures for your organization that will engage and inspire your staff to provide solutions and services that satisfy your customer's needs while meeting expectations and the highest standards of excellence.

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"When we tested the relative impact of individual competence (talent) and organization capability (culture, systems) on business performance with 1200 businesses and 32,000 individuals, we were somewhat surprised that the organization had four times the impact on business results."

- Dave Ulrich

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