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Unlock Your Career Potential with

The HR Management Diploma

Why Tharwah Academy?

Cooperative training awaits you at Tharwah company

Flexible timing is available for attendance

You will receive two certificates from TVTC & SHRM

All modules are designed in alignment with SHRM competencies

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Take the First Step Toward a Rewarding Career

Invest in your future by enrolling in our HR Management Diploma program. Join the ranks of HR professionals who are shaping the future of work and making a difference in organizations of all sizes.

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In various industries and organizations, HR Management is one of the most fundamental functions. No company, regardless of the scope of its operations, can attain the necessary competitiveness without it. Not only is retention desired, but also advancement and growth. As a result, the human resources management professional has a major role to play in coming up with innovative ideas for raising organizational productivity and achieving economic efficiency.


Accordingly, Tharwah Academy is dedicated to providing its clients with the best services possible in the field of empowering human potential. To that end, we are offering this academic program to help our country’s human resources, which are its greatest resource, develop into qualified human resources specialists.

Embark on your journey today towards a promising future with Tharwah Academy!

Do you aspire to enhance your abilities and pursue a rewarding career in human resources management?

If so, our HR Management Diploma is the perfect choice for your aspirations.

The Distinctive Features of the HR Management Diploma at Tharwah Academy

At Tharwah Academy, we offer a high-quality HR Management Diploma. As pioneers in this field, our professional training team and updated educational curriculum ensure you receive an exceptional learning experience that paves the way for your professional success.

Saudi HR employees

Students will obtain a diploma certificate that is accredited by the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation

Saudi Student

The program is delivered by an experienced institution in the field of human resources consulting and has a global partnership with the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM)

Team work in HR office

All lecturers are internationally accredited and professionals in the field of human resources management

Saudi woman and man talking

Students will receive cooperative training within Tharwah company for (4 months)

Program Description

The HR Management Diploma program is designed to meet the local labor market needs in this field. It aims to provide students with the abilities and information required to thrive in the field of human resource management. The program consists of five midterms, with each training term lasting eighteen weeks. A total of 1632 hours of teaching make up the program, plus 490 hours of on-the-job training. After successfully completing the program, the participant will get a diploma certificate in human resources management accredited by the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation.

Program Objectives

This program aims to qualify students to work at the sixth level of the national occupational qualifications system in the field of human resources management.

By the completion of the program, the student will be capable of performing the following tasks:

  • Using cutting-edge technology in the field of human resources

  • Organizing human resources business management

  •  Interacting with people both within and outside the company while using good scientific principles

  • Participating in the organization's human resources management

  • Using computer applications and programs in the field of human resources

  •  Recognizing the fundamentals of comprehensive quality management

  •  Managing work time to guarantee its efficient utilization

Admission Requirements

Students should have a high school certificate

Students should be

Saudi nationals

Students should not be less than 17 years old upon graduation

Black and Red Building

Accredited by the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation

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