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Tharwah is the official reseller of

Mercer Mettl
Saville Assessment

We offer a range of Talent Assessment services adding value to all talent processes.

At Tharwah, we know that success depends on having the right people in the right roles. The best businesses make sure they are clear on not only on how their people perform, but also one their unique traits, and what motivates and drives them to perform. As results, they can accurately identify talent and place them in roles that help them realize their full potential. Our Talent Assessment solution help you understand the true capabilities of your people so you can make decisions that allow your workforce to perform at its best, propelling your employees, team and organization toward your goals. We use various tools in our approach including Mercer, Saville Wave, Hogan, TTE and Psytech.

Whether a company is a Fortune 500 corporation or a small restaurant, its success is closely tied to the quality of its employees

Breaugh, 2012

Our services in this area include

Pre-Employment Testing


Using assessments can dramatically reduce cost of filtering through thousands of applicants and can increase the chances of candidates’ best fit.

Psychometric and Ability Testing

and Ability Testing

We can support you with our reliable and valid assessment tools to help you assess candidates using psychometrics and determine their logical, numerical and verbal abilities.

360 Degree Assessment

360 Degree

We can manage the entire 360-degree assessment and feedback process using your mapped competency framework.

Assessment Centers


Conducting a comprehensive assessment process for a selected, or all, employees to identify key talents and their areas of strength and areas of growth to inform talent investment decisions.

Customized Assessment


We can work with your team to identify a customized assessment process that will provide you with the best data to make key talent decisions.

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