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Elevate Your Career Now!

Earn the APTD certification and differentiate yourself in a competitive job market

World Class Certification

APTD Certification Preparation Bootcamp

The most comprehensive APTD exam prep program, which you can
personalize, adapt, and engage in with your peers to meet your study needs.

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Accredited by HRDF

Why you should earn the

APTD certification?

  • Validate your talent development knowledge.

  • Build confidence in your skills and abilities as a talent development professional.

  • Differentiate yourself in a competitive job market.

  • Broaden your career opportunities.

  • Join an elite professional community.

Accelerate your readiness for the Associate Professional in Talent Development (APTD®) exam and earn the credential that proves your talent development capability. 

This program is designed to Tharwah candidates a comprehensive, facilitator-led training experience spanning seven weeks and 34 hours of learning. 

Innovative strategies prepare you to establish yourself in the talent development field with the APTD certification

Five days of in-person training into the key elements of the Talent Development Capability Model

Four two-hour expert-led review and confidence check sessions with your ATD facilitator and peers

Learning resources, including 12 months of access to the Talent Development Body of Knowledge (TDBoK™)

Adaptive self-assessments. 

Interactive scenario-based activities

Exam preparation strategies.

Study plan templates

OVER 150K Professionals 

Have Learned With ATD Education​

During this robust, in-depth, detailed review of the areas covered in the APTD certification exam, learners will be set up for success to pass. Participants will interact, engage, and learn through a mix of lectures, scenarios, case studies, and targeted use of the APTD practice exam. They will gain access to everything needed to fully prepare for the APTD exam and be guided through virtual and in-person classroom experiences by a dedicated ATD expert facilitator who has been credentialed by ATD CI.  

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Talent Development Capability Model

What practitioners need to KNOW and DO to develop themselves, others, and their organizations.

The Talent Development Capability Model is your blueprint for impact. It sets a new standard for the field. This future-oriented model can be personalized. It responds to those trends affecting talent development, such as digital transformation, data analytics, information availability, and partnerships between talent development and business.

An unparalleled learning experience built around you

Prepare with a comprehensive nine-week learning experience that will help you focus on the areas you need to prove your ability in and earn the APTD certification.

On Demand,
Live Online, and

34 Hours to
(3.4 CEUs)

25 hours
Toward Initial
APTD Eligibility

Aligned to Talent
Capability Model

Enterprise Team
Training Available

In this program, you will:

  • Master core content from the TDBoK that aligns to exam specifications.

  • Close the knowledge gaps in your areas of weakness and leave with confidence to pass the APTD exam.

  • Learn how to apply strategies to reduce test-taking anxiety.

  • Receive continued access to the TDBoK to support your review of the concepts tested.

  • Gain access to fully prepared study process templates to minimize the guess work in preparing for the exam.

Why you should attend:

  • Build personal, professional, and organizational capacity through in-depth content review and application exercises.

  • Identify individual knowledge gaps within the Talent Development Capability Model to focus and prioritize the study process.

  • Gain self-assurance to successfully pass the APTD exam.

900+ Organizations
Have Trained With Us

120+ Countries With
an ATD Presence


Unleash Your Potential
Globally recognized certification

Join 150k+ members worldwide

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Join 150k+ professionals from all over the world today

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