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The Impact of King Abdulaziz Quality Award on Improving Organizational Performance

"Quality is a journey, not a destination"

In light of the large number of economic projects in today's business world, there are several things that must be considered and not ignored. The most important of these is to maintain excellence and deliver high-quality work in order to achieve the best possible results, fulfilling all the primary objectives for the success of organizations that provide services or products to all segments of society. To this end, the King Abdulaziz Quality Award was established to encourage all organizations to achieve the highest quality standards in providing services to beneficiaries, as well as to sustain and maintain this quality. This, in turn, enhances the organization's overall image and increases its competitiveness by boosting productivity and efficiency and enhancing customer trust.

In this blog, we will learn about the King Abdulaziz Quality Award, including the criteria that organizations must follow to achieve excellent performance and win the award, as well as its impact on raising organizational performance and achieving the goals of Saudi Vision 2030.

What is King Abdulaziz Quality Award

The King Abdulaziz Quality Award is a Saudi national award (presented every two years) that includes an organizational excellence model with criteria and a tool for evaluating organizational maturity. The award was founded in 1999 with the aim of raising the level of quality of services and products in the Kingdom and promoting a culture of excellence and mastery. The award is to be granted to government, private, and non-profit entities that demonstrate a high level of quality and excellence in their performance and services. The Saudi government presents the award to foster a culture of quality and to encourage organizations to improve their performance and adopt global quality practices. The award's excellence model is based on a set of principles (9 main principles), the most important of which are as follows:

  • The organizations should prioritize the management of their core processes by applying effective systems that accelerate operational and administrative procedures smoothly and flexibly.

  • The existence of inspiring leaders who make a lot of effort in pursuit of achieving strategies and creating a productive and suitable work environment for the success of the organization.

  • Adopting a culture of continuous learning and development to apply the lessons learned in a way that achieves the goals of the organization and benefits all stakeholders.

  • Full awareness of the importance of human resources, which are the greatest gain that all organizations should focus on by constantly empowering and developing them.

King Abdulaziz Quality Award principles

King Abdulaziz Quality Award has specific standards that are important to adopt, work to comply with, and achieve within a journey that extends for years depending on the degree of maturity of the organization, so that the continuous improvement resulting from the work to comply with the standards contributes to improving business and achieving the goals set by the organization.

These standards consist of two main parts:

Enablers: This part focuses specifically on the strategies, methods, and means used by the organization to achieve the desired results in the following aspects:

  • Administrative leadership

  • Strategic planning

  • Partnerships and resources

  • Human resources

  • Operations, products, and services management

Results: This part focuses on the performance of organizations and the results they have achieved and reached through the use of enablers, and are measured as follows:

  • Beneficiary results

  • Human resource results

  • Key performance results

The impact of King Abdulaziz Quality Award and its relationship to fulfilling Saudi Vision 2030

King Abdulaziz Quality Award is a national classification that supports organizations of different sizes in their journey to contribute to achieving the Saudi Vision 2030, one of whose pillars is for Saudi Arabia, with its products and services, to be a global standard for quality and excellence. Winning this award, after meeting all of its required standards and adopting its own model of excellence, becomes a strong impetus towards achieving the best results in everything that the organization seeks to achieve with complete excellence, and makes it stand out for its comprehensiveness and positivity during the measurement of institutional performance. This supports the vision of Saudi Arabia and encourages the creation of a motivating and highly competitive work environment in the business world.


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