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Unlock Your Team's Potential with Hogan Assessments

Grounded in more than 30 years of validated research

Hogan personality assessments were the first to scientifically measure personality for business.

Hogan’s solutions offer full insight into a participant’s predicted performance, so you can facilitate employee success by using the world’s most robust personality assessment data.

More Insight

Reveal how employees relate to others

Retain Talent

Boost employee engagement

Strengths + Weaknesses

Measure performance risks that can hinder success

Manage Workforce

Supervise more effectively

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Trusted by


Of the Fortune 500

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Talent Acquisition

Hogan’s personality assessments predict performance so you can select the right candidate for every role — without bias.

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Talent Development

Assessments cultivate strategic self-awareness so employees, leaders, and your business will all reach their highest potential.

Harness the science of personality to decode talent acquisition

From entry-level to CEO, Hogan’s hiring assessments can be used for a variety of recruitment purposes.

Talent Acquisition

Talent Acquisition


Hogan provides the most accurate and efficient tools for predicting a candidate’s performance

Eliminate bias during hiring

Build a highly qualified workforce

Minimize turnover

Increase employee satisfaction

Reduce time to hire

Create a strong organizational culture


validation studies performed each year


job roles evaluated


assessment scores matched to performance indicators

Do people really know their workplace reputation?

According to Hogan data, they don’t

Talent Development

Talent Development
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Hogan provides tools for improving performance in both leaders and their employees

Provides strategic self-awareness

Analyzes team strengths, weaknesses, and values

Pinpoints and develops high-potential employees

Measures ability to learn from past experience

Grows productivity through personality traits 

Creates personality-based self development plans

Analyze user-friendly data about strengths, weaknesses, and values

Learn how unconscious bias can interfere with career success

Understand the “dark side” of personality, or overused strengths that can hinder performance

Assessment Reports

We offer the most detailed and informative reports in the industry. All reports are specific to each person and each position.

Reports Features
  • Score Graphs

  • Score Interpretation

  • Individual Competency Scores

  • Hiring (fit) Recommendation

  • Development Recommendations

  • Outlines Behavioral and Leadership Implications

  • Leadership Competency Analyses

  • Main Scale and Subscales scores

Ten core values that drive a leader’s behavior, aspirations, and expectations
  • What is Tharwah?
    We are a Saudi-based firm that specializes in human capital advisory services. Since our founding in 2012, we have been dedicated to enabling the development of human capital in organizations and contributing to achieving their strategic goals. We also assist them in selecting and developing promising talent, while offering advice on strengthening employee job engagement and continuous development to ensure high-performance sustainability.
  • Who is the founder of Tharwah?
    Abdullah ALZahrani is the founder and CEO of Tharwah, he holds a master's degree in human resources management from the University of Minnesota, USA, and has extensive experience of over 18 years in this field. He began his career in leading companies such as Aramco and Sadara.
  • What is Tharwah’s vision?
    We aim to become a leading expert center in the field of human capacity development by delivering best-in-class solutions that meet global standards while taking into account local understanding.
  • What are the services provided?
    We offer a diverse range of services in the fields such as human development, capability-building, and talent development, including the following: Management Consulting, Organisational Excellence, Talent & Leadership Development, and Talent Management.
  • How does Tharwah contribute to empowering human capabilities?
    At Tharwah, we believe that the success of organizations stems from the success of their employees. Therefore, we provide exceptional services in the field of human resources that contribute to empowering capabilities and discovering talents to elevate them in organizations and societies.
  • Where is the head office of Tharwah located?
    The Company's head office is located in the capital, Riyadh, Al-Narjis district. Other locations where we have branches include Jeddah, Dammam, Dubai, and Egypt.

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