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L&D: Developing Organizational Talent


Are you looking to enhance and refine your organization’s learning and development strategy? Learn about SHRM’s exclusive  five-step process for building and implementing a modern learning and development program. Examine the latest trends in  employee development. Gain the insight needed to assess your  organization’s needs so you can integrate effective informal and  formal employee development approaches.



This program is designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to:

  • Describe the evolution of learning and development in  today’s workplace

  • Explain the five-step framework for developing  organizational talent

  • Analyze the learning needs of your organization

  • Asses your organization’s learning and development landscape to determine skill gaps

  • Develop learner competencies, assess learner gaps, and create learning interventions



SECTION 1: Introduction

  • Welcome           
  • Course Objectives


SECTION 2: The Evolution of Learning & Development

  • Portrait of a Modern Learner
  • How Workers Spend Their Time
  • How We Learn
  • Shifts in Workplace Learning
  • The Evolution In L&D


SECTION 3: Assess the Organization

  • The Five-step Framework
  • Assessment Types
  • Sources
  • The Greiner Curve
  • Assess Your Organization


SECTION 4: Develop Competencies and Define the Gaps

  • Definitions
  • Why Organizations Use Competencies
  • Profile of Highly Successful Performers
  • Develop Competencies
  • A Sample Competency  Model
  • Case Study
  • Competencies at Your  Organization


SECTION 5: Develop the L&D Strategy

  • Why Build an L&D Strategy?
  • The L&D Organization - Four Characteristics for Success
  • Assess Your L&D Organization
  • Tie the Strategy to the Business
  • Recommend Organizational Interventions
  • Perform Action Mapping
  • Case Study
  • Create a Solution Map
  • Elements of a Business Case
  • Building a Business Case for Your Organization


SECTION 6: Design the Learning Intervention

  • Design Methodologies
    • ADDIE
    • SAM
    • Design Thinking
  • SMART/ABCD of Writing Learning Objectives
  • Just-in Time Interventions and the Forgetting Curve
  • Micro-Learning
  • Blended Learning
  • Other Trends in Learning
  • Development of Learning Materials
  • Learning Delivery Systems - Examples
  • Marketing Your Intervention
  • Create a Learning Intervention for Your Organization


SECTION 7: Evaluate, Reinforce and Refine

  • Three Reasons to Evaluate Training
  • Kirkpatrick and Beyond
  • Survey Questions that Matter
  • Brinkerhoff’s Success Case Method
  • Level 5 Evaluation
  • Designing a Survey for Your Organization
  • Develop a Meaningful Survey for Your Organization




L&D: Developing Organizational Talent

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