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Employee Relations: Creating a Positive Work Environment

Program Overview
Designed with the new HR professional in mind, this informative learning experience will help you to better promote employee accountability in your workplace by aligning management initiatives with your organizational goals and culture. You will examine a broad range of employment laws as they apply to workplace incidents, and you will discuss and gain further insight into the performance management process as it aligns with organizational values and strategy.


Program Objectives
This program is designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to:
•    Recognize the importance of fair and consistent employee relations policies as it relates to your management team, HR strategy, and overall organizational culture
•    Explain the connection between the organization and its overall HR strategy for developing and implementing employee and workplace policies
•    Identify the forms of and apply strategies to prevent harassment, discrimination, and retaliation in the workplace
•    Interpret and apply employment laws based on workplace incidents


Program Modules
This program includes the following modules:

•    Module 1: Introduction

•    Module 2: Understanding your Organization
o    Organizational Culture
o    Organizational and HR Strategy
•    Module 3: Employee Relations
o    Workplace Conflicts
o    Conflict Resolution
o    Laws Impacting HR
o    Disparate Treatment and Disparate Impact
o    Discrimination and Harassment
o    Retaliation
o    Internal Investigations
o    Performance Management

•    Module 4: Conclusion

Employee Relations: Creating a Positive Work Environment

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