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HR Strategy Design

Bring the HR agenda to the table.

In organizations that the HR department does not have a clear strategy, human resource issues are discussed on the executive management table. The risk lies in the divergence of the views of the members of the executive management regarding the contribution of the activities proposed by the human resources department in enhancing the organization's ability to achieve its goals

of Strategic plans fail due to lack of integration with business needs

of executives believe that HR is effective at strategic planning

The pace of change around us is accelerating by the day, and this is confirmed as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia seeks to achieve the 2030 vision. The ability of organizations to adopt agile strategies to meet the needs of their customers and diversify their sources of income is crucial in today's world.

Here comes the role of human resources management as it plays a pivotal role in translating the organization's strategy into an operational strategy that achieves harmony between human capital, processes, and organizational structure.

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At Tharwah we work with leaders to translate business priorities into critical HR capabilities. We put our expertise in the hand of leaders to:

Align HR objectives with business strategy

Define the HR strategy and build the operating model that supports the achievement of a defined strategy

Communicate HR strategy to facilitate the stakeholders' support.

Create a measurable strategy review process to evaluate the success and the impact of the HR strategic plan.

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