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Succession Planning: Preparing for Future Talent Needs


Gain the necessary skills to develop and implement an effective  succession plan based on your organization’s current and future  needs. Learn how to assist your organization in transitioning  from a reactive replacement plan to a proactive strategic solution. Develop the understanding that monitoring, developing,  and retaining critical talent has a positive impact on the bottom  line. Practice your new skills through dynamic group discussions  and an extensive case study.



This program is designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to:

  • Describe succession planning and how it aligns with and  supports broader organizational and

  • HR strategies, goals,  and objectives.

  • Recognize organizational competencies that are critical to  retain in order for an organization to be successful.

  • Describe succession planning approaches that meet the specific needs of your organization.

  • Identify current and future organizational needs that are  critical for success.

  • Describe how succession planning and replacement planning play a role in the success of the organization.

  • Recognize how to analyze and evaluate the effectiveness of  your organization’s succession plan.



SECTION 1: Introduction


SECTION 2: Understanding the Organization and the  Succession Planning Relationship

  • The strategic planning process
  • The HR strategic plan
  • What is succession planning?
  • Replacement planning
  • Retirement crisis


SECTION 3: Developing and Implementing a Succession Plan

  • The succession planning approach
  • Establishing a business case
  • Develop structure
  • Design systems
  • Plan implementation and assess bench strength
  • Identify successors and develop talent
  • Measure and improve


SECTION 4: Metrics

  • Developing metrics


SECTION 5: The Georges Hotel Case Study


SECTION 6: Conclusion



SHRM: 7.5 PDCs

Succession Planning: Preparing for Future Talent Needs

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