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Strategies for Leadership in HR


During this comprehensive learning program, based on today’s  leadership landscape, you will embark on a journey, rich with  powerful examples, tools, frameworks and models that you can  use to improve your leadership IQ. You will explore trends in areas such as social and political change, essential technologies,  and diversity and inclusion. You will have the opportunity to assess your individual leadership readiness and will receive expert  guidance on how to best achieve results in your context through  the art of persuasive leadership. As a bonus, you will learn how  to be your own leadership coach during the sometimes-challenging move toward greater preparation and performance as a  business leader.



This program is designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to:

  • Interpret and implement strategies to manage key leadership  landscape topics.

  • Assess your leadership strengths, areas for improvement and  the tools to close the gaps.

  • Determine strategic awareness, readiness and decisionmaking methods.

  • Discover how to lead the executive ecosystem via formal  analysis and development of your personal and collaborate  social networks.

  • Achieve results through persuasive leadership techniques.

  • Employ leadership self-coaching techniques for continual learning, development and self-care.



SECTION 1: Introduction


SECTION 2: The People Analytics Overview

  • Leadership trends
    •  Social and political change
    •  Eight essential technologies for innovation and success
    •  Future of work
    •  Recruiting
    •  Diversity and inclusion
    •  Strengthening the leadership bench
    •  Growing privacy concerns
    •  Leading remote and gig employees
  • Assessing your leadership strengths, weaknesses and how  to close the gaps


SECTION 3: Enhancing HR Strategic Impact

  • Understanding HR strategy
  • Value creation though HR
  • Moving from value creation to capture
  • Creating an HR strategic plan


SECTION 4: Strategic Decision Making

  • Executive decision making
  • Decision-making challenges
  • Optimizing decisions
  • Adopting an analytical approach to HR


SECTION 5: Managing the Executive Ecosystem

  • The importance of networks
  • Personal network analysis
  • The value of collaboration
  • Managing inter-generational teams
  • Coaching high-potential employees
  • Developing higher levels of emotional intelligence


SECTION 6: Achieving Results

  • The art of persuasion
  • Persuasive leadership
  • Conducting difficult dialogues


SECTION 7: Conclusion




Strategies for Leadership in HR

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