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Inclusive Workplace Culture: Leading  and Sustaining a Culture Transformation


Numerous research studies confirm that inclusive workplace cultures abound in innovation, productivity and profitability. In this  enlightening, scenario-based course, you will discover the characteristics and impact of an inclusive workplace. Through meaningful discussions that highlight what an inclusive workplace culture is, why it matters, and how to develop one, you will acquire  tools and techniques to foster a positive culture of inclusion for  your staff. You will learn how to make mindful decisions, support  sustainable change, and build strong initiatives to engage, develop and motivate your employees.



This program is designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to:

  • Identify components of workplace culture and the impact on inclusivity

  • Explore techniques to create, maintain, and measure an inclusive  workplace through communication, mentorship, hiring practices,  executive level support, facilitation, listening, data reporting, and  training

  • Apply strategies that foster inclusion to common workplace  situations by addressing implicit bias, making mindful decisions,  and reinforcing positive change

  • Embrace and foster all talents in a workplace where people thrive



SECTION 1: Introduction


SECTION 2: Connecting to Inclusive Culture  and Moving Toward Authenticity

  • The Inclusive Culture  Roadmap
  • How Do You See Yourself?  (Your Diversity Story)
  • How Do You See the  World? (Unconscious Bias)
  • Diversity, Inclusion,  Belonging, Equity &  Allyship – How Do They  Fit Together?
  • Critical Inclusive Culture  Conversations
  • Inclusive Culture Scenario
  • Application Exercise


SECTION 3: Making a Case for Inclusive Workplace Culture

  • The Changing World of Work/The Changing World of the  Worker
  • Inclusive Culture for Better Workplaces/Better World
  • The Inclusive Culture Business Imperative
  • Inclusive Culture Scenario
  • Application Exercise



  • Components of Culture
  • How Does Culture Happen?
  • Assessing Culture and Inclusion
  • Inclusive Culture Scenario
  • Application Exercise


SECTION 5: Creating Culture Intentionally

  • The Journey toward Inclusive Culture
  • HR as a Change Agent and Key Cultural Influencer
  • Cultural Partners
  • Cultural Institutions
  • Cultural Levers
  • Operationalizing Values
  • Creating an Inclusive Culture Strategy with Design Thinking
  • Case Study
  • Application Exercise


SECTION 6: Managing and Sustaining a Changing Culture

  • Managing and Sustaining Change
  • Communicating Inclusive Culture Stories and Reporting
  • Inclusive Culture Scenario
  • Application Exercise


SECTION 7: The Ending and the Beginning

  • Putting it All Together
  • Application Exercise: My Inclusive Culture Roadmap
  • Course Conclusion




Inclusive Workplace Culture: Leading and Sustaining a Culture Transformation

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