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HR Business Partners Part II:  Consulting Skills Implementation


Heighten your HR business partner (HRBP) skills to better align  initiatives with the organization’s strategic direction. Practice  HRBP methods to help you develop and manage relationships,  communicate with impact, coach leaders, effectively facilitate  discussions, and drive business results in your organization.  Through an integrated case study, identify initiatives that address the needs of your organization while practicing coaching,  communication, and change leadership skills.



This program is designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to:

  • Demonstrate ability as a business leader and HR professional through effective communication and influence.

  • Coach executives and managers to effectively lead their teams.

  • Identify key organizational initiatives requiring a change  management process, and

  • communicate necessary steps to  business leaders.

  • Identify opportunities to support the organization through  effective facilitation.

  • Align HR activities with the strategic direction of the  organization, and communicate how HR supports business  results.



SECTION 1: Demonstrating Your Skill as a Business Leader and HR Professional

  • Learn about the organization, industry, competitors, and customers
  • Set direction for the HR organization to support the business goals
  • Build your skill as a strategic contributor
  • Track metrics that leaders and managers value
  • Ensure HR functions are running smoothly
  • Continually ask “How can HR make a difference?”
  • Move toward a partnership role
  • Team leadership


SECTION 2: Supporting Leaders and Implementing  Organizational Change

  • Change complexity and  impact
  • Identify key initiatives  requiring a change  management process
  • Individual transition curve
  • Signs of resistance and  support
  • Leading and implementing change
  • Change management  process
  • Communication during change process
  • Key roles
  • Facilitating change efforts  and supporting leaders  during changes


SECTION 3: Team Leadership

  • Characteristics of an effective team
  • Team chartering
  • The first team meeting


SECTION 4: Communication and Influence

  • Upward communication – advocacy and inquiry
  • Horizontal communication – cross-channel communication
  • Downward communication – empowering communication
  • Alignment of communication
  • Present your ideas clearly


SECTION 5: Influence Skills

  • Identify needs and wants
  • Influence models
  • Collaboration and win/win solutions
  • Use of influence during change efforts


SECTION 6: Coaching Leaders and Managers

  • HRBP role as a coach
  • Model for coaching
  • Linking performance management to organizational goals
  • Effective feedback
  • Scenarios for coaching and feedback


SECTION 7: Facilitation Skills

  • HRBP role as a facilitator
  • Opportunities to support the organization
  • Key facilitation skills
  • Plan the process for facilitating a meeting
  • Practice facilitation


SECTION 8: Strategic Alignment

  • Organizational strategies and plans
  • Identify and align HR initiatives



SHRM: 14.75 PDCs

HR Business Partners Part II: Consulting Skills Implementation

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