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Top 5 Reasons Why SHRM Certification Benefits You and Your Organization

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There are many reasons why you should pursue SHRM-CP or SHRM-SCP certification. Once you set your certification or professional development goal, it’s time to talk to your manager. Help your manager understand the value of certification and build a business case for certification and training as a worthwhile investment. Schedule a meeting with your manager and arrive prepared with the powerful talking points provided below. They demonstrate why your organization should support your efforts to prepare for and attain SHRM-CP or SHRM-SCP certification. 

  1. MY KNOWLEDGE WILL BE CURRENT AND RELEVANT: Now, more than ever, HR teams are required to assume a greater leadership role, contributing to and advancing their organizations’ strategic direction. The SHRM-CP and SHRM-SCP credentials recognize this trend and take a fresh and current look at what HR professionals need to know—and how to put that knowledge to work. The certification program covers behavioral competencies and functional knowledge areas within the themes of HR Competencies, People, Organization, Workplace and Strategy. Attaining and maintaining my credential means I’ll be ready to take on new roles and responsibilities. 

  2. I WILL LEARN PRACTICAL SKILLS THAT WILL IMPACT MY JOB IMMEDIATELY: SHRM certification is the new standard for HR professionals around the globe, as it is among the first to focus on practical, real-life HR information, teaching, and testing competencies and knowledge. When I prepare for the certification exam with the SHRM Learning System, I won’t be simply memorizing a textbook; I’ll be applying concepts, using behavioral judgment and understanding best practices for handling day-to-day business as well as unexpected scenarios. I’ll be learning from the experiences of other HR professionals, sharpening my skills, and boosting my productivity and effectiveness. 

  3. THESE CERTIFICATIONS WERE DEVELOPED WITH EMPLOYERS IN MIND: SHRM conducted global research, including outreach to major corporations, universities and over 35,000 members of the profession worldwide. Based on its findings, SHRM determined that, in addition to technical knowledge, a successful HR career will also be determined by behavioral competencies—the SHRM-CP and SHRM-SCP include both of these essential elements. This credential will reflect what I need to know and how to apply it to be a leader in our organization. Growing the influence of HR leaders through certification is a worthwhile investment that also improves our reputation as an organization that takes HR seriously. 

  4. MY KNOWLEDGE AND SKILLS WILL BE GLOBALLY APPLICABLE AND UNIVERSALLY RECOGNIZED: We live and work in a global economy, and my skills need to be globally applicable and accepted. Based on one single SHRM Body of Competency and Knowledge (SHRM BoCK), the SHRM-CP and SHRM-SCP credentials are relevant and applicable worldwide. Earning this credential will give me the recognition and flexibility to use my knowledge, skills and competencies anywhere our organization operates, now and in the future. 

  5. MY CERTIFICATION AND TRAINING IS PROVIDED BY THE LEADING ADVOCATE FOR HR PROFESSIONALS: SHRM has represented the HR community for nearly seven decades, and has more than 300,000 members in 165 countries. It is a well-respected organization at the forefront of HR trends and emerging professional knowledge. The SHRM BoCK, the foundation of my credential and recertification, is supported by SHRM, is kept current and relevant, and encourages lifelong learning. Training of this caliber and reliability cannot be replicated, and it provides an opportunity for our entire HR team from which our whole organization can benefit—ultimately saving our organization time and money on training and professional development. 

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