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HR Budgets: Developing Your Financial Plan


Gain a thorough understanding of general budgeting principles  to guide your ability to develop and manage a variety of budget  types. Lead and apply the steps involved in developing a master  budget. Practice tracking performance, forecasting, and contingency planning as a part of managing your budget.



This program is designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to:

  • This program is designed to provide you with the knowledge and  skills necessary to:

  • Apply the general principles and methodologies for budgeting

  • Differentiate between department, responsibility, cash, capital, and master budgets

  • Develop a master budget

  • Contribute to forecast and develop contingency plans for budget variances



SECTION 1: Introduction


SECTION 2: Budgeting Basics

  • Distinguish between Business Plans vs. Budgets
  • Recognize Advantages of Budgeting
  • Identify General Principles of Budgeting
  • Apply Budgeting Methodologies


SECTION 3: Types of Budgets

  • Department Budgets
  • Responsibility Budgets
  • Cash Budgets
  • Capital Budgets
  • Master Budgets


SECTION 4: Managing to the Budget

  • Review Performance Against the Plan
  • Recognize When to Take Action to Bring Expenditures into alignment with Planned Spending
  • Apply Budget Variances for Fixed and Flexible Budgets


SECTION 5: Capital Budgets

  • Describe the Major Components of a Capital Budget
  • Apply Capital Budget Concepts When Preparing for a new  HRIS System


SECTION 6: Conclusion



SHRM: 7.5 PDCs

HR Budgets: Developing Your Financial Plan

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