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Change Management: Leading Successful Transformations


Managing change is becoming a major focal point tor HR professionals as organizations continue to adapt to an ever-changing  workplace. In this two-day seminar, you will use a variety of resources to simulate a change initiative in a realistic work environment. Interact with other students through group discussions,  problem solving via a case study, and coaching in a safe learning  atmosphere with an experienced change management professional. Gain access to a change management toolkit to reinforce  and continue the learning experience outside the classroom.



This program is designed to provide you with the knowledge and  skills necessary to:

  • Use SHRM’s six-step change framework to guide your  change management efforts
  • Draw from a range of models that focus on the people side  of change
  • Develop change initiatives through a case study and  simulation
  • Identify tools and techniques for assessing change



SECTION 1: Introduction

  • Course Overview
  • Instructor and Student Introductions
  • SHRM Competency Model


SECTION 2: Why Change Management Matters

  • Types of Change
  • The Complexity of Change
  • Why Change Fails
  • SHRM’s Change Management Strategy Framework


SECTION 3: Design the Future State

  • The Three States
  • Assess the Scope of Your Change
  • Understanding Factors Driving the Future State
  • The Greiner Curve
  • Force Field Analysis
  • Change Scope Assessment


SECTION 4: Build a Change Coalition

  • Kubler-Ross Change Curve
  • Prosci’s Flight and Risk Model
  • Commitment versus Compliance
  • Change Style Assessment
  • Roles in Change Management
  • Involving Stakeholders in Change
  • Four Keys to a Successful Change Coalition


SECTION 5: Choose a Change Model

  • Why Use Change Models
  • Prescriptive Models for Change
  • McKinsey 7S Framework
  • Kotter’s Eight-step Process
  • Google’s ChangeRules
  • The Commonalities in Change Models
  • Case Study


SECTION 6: Communicate about the Change

  • The Burning Platform
  • The Change Announcement
  • Develop a Vision Statement for the Change Initiative
  • Case Study


SECTION 7: Measure/Make It Stick

  • Three Categories of Metrics
  • Sample Metrics
  • The Process for Measuring Success
  • Sample Scorecard
  • Is Your Change Sticky?
  • Leadership and Management in Change
  • Key Areas of Change Reinforcement


SECTION 8: Simulation

  • Google’s ChangeRules
  • Introduction
  • Phases 1-5


SECTION 9: Create a Culture of Change

  • VUCA
  • The Impact of Constant Change on Employees
  • Organizational Resilience and Agility
  • Agile Organizations
  • Assess the Agility of Your Organization
  • Five Tips for Building an Agile Culture
  • Using HR Programs and Practices to Reinforce an Agile Culture
  • Hiring for Resilience: Six Characteristics


SECTION 10: Conclusion

  • Change Management Reinforcement Toolkit
  • Program Evaluation





Change Management: Leading Successful Transformations

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