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Diploma in Corporate Governance 

We’re educating corporate and ESG leaders to be a force for good and growth in the world.

Be part of our global alumni community


What are the key pillars of the Corporate Governance Diploma? 

  • Practical tools, frameworks and strategies.

  • Focused on the impact of good governance.

  • Creating corporate governance change leaders.

  • A supportive learning experience..

  • Backed by a Governance Advisory Council

  • University credit-rated. Industry approved. Globally recognized.

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A trusted voice for achieving excellence

Program Duration

24 weeks

Number of Modules
10 Modules

24/7, flexible to your schedule

20 Credits

Three online, multiple-choice style 

5 reasons to join us

1. Education and professional development
Support your professional development with practical masterclasses, webinars, a vast resource library, networking, discussions and more. Optimise your leadership mindset.

2. Content
Explore hundreds of pieces of content tailored to your learning style including webinar recordings, toolkits, templates, news analysis, eBooks, case studies, interviews, guides and more.

3. Fast Growing Community
100+ members joining monthly. Connecting you to a global, vibrant, and diverse network united to drive change and inspire growth in good governance and ESG.

4. Member supports
Stand out for your professional experience within the member community. Unlock access to specialized thought leadership of CGI. Reach your career goals with CGI team and Community Support.


5. Career and community
Grow your network with a community of like-minded professionals. Draw on the collective knowledge and experience of the community to help achieve your career aspirations.


Our alumni represent globally recognized organizations.

There are 10 online modules in the Diploma of Corporate Governance. Each module is broken into chapters and taught by expert speakers who are practising corporate governance professionals and existing board directors.

What will your educational experience be like in the Corporate Governance Diploma?

  • Get up-to-date insights from actual corporate governance case studies that bring the content to life. 

  • Gain a holistic understanding of how ESG, AI and digitisation intersect with corporate governance.

  • Be supported and guided at every step by our friendly Learning Support Team. 

  • Get access to tools, templates and guides to help with assessments and use immediately in the workplace

  • Quiz your knowledge at the end of each module to test your understanding.

  • Network with peers to share insights, discuss challenges and exchange perspectives.

  • Complete your corporate governance qualification with two online assessments.

  • Optimised learning experience that makes the content easy to navigate and interactive to retain knowledge.

  • Extensive reading resources to learn about specific topics and broaden your understanding.

  • A mix of short, interactive videos and longer videos with global experts to cater for different learning styles.

  • Get immersed in corporate governance scenarios to apply theoretical knowledge in practical contexts.

  • Start applying your corporate governance training in the boardroom.

Glass Ceiling

93.5% of graduates recommended the diploma.

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Ready to make an impact in the boardroom?

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