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Buy Talent Q assessments for recruitment and selection purposes

Buy Talent Q Tests

Talent Q Dimensions is an online personality questionnaire, available with customised reports to suit individual recruitment and selection needs. The questionnaire provides valuable insights into an individual’s key behaviours at work, as well as providing user-friendly reports.

To check pricing of Talent Q psychometric tests and add-on reports  click here.

Dimensions Reports

The following ‘add-on’ psychometric reports are available with Talent Q Dimensions:

  • Trait Profile – Useful in both recruitment and development contexts, it measures 15 dimensions designed to reflect 15 common competencies used within many organisations

  • Narrative Report – Describes the respondent’s typical behavioural styles at work, as well as the possible business implications of these traits. This report is already included with Dimensions.

DR. Ibrahim Al-Ghamdi

Senior Learning, Development Director & Consultant

  • Team Profile – Identifies the individual’s typical way of behaving in a team, as well as combining the results for multiple respondents. Hence this provides a greater insight into a whole team, supporting development.

  • Behavioural Type at Work Profile – Provides feedback on an individual’s typical behaviour at work, referencing Jung’s and A/B personality types. As a result, this is useful to support development or as part of a conflict management process.

  • Sales Profile – Used to identify development needs, where selling and influencing are key to a role.


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  • Derailment Report – This report looks at 8 styles or behavioural patterns, known as ‘derailers’. These can be indicators of ‘burn-out’ of an individual, or a high potential person having become ‘de-railed’. Because of this, the report is used in a development context.

  • Potential Report – Highlights the individual’s potential utilising the Talent Q “model of Potential”, which consists of 11 key components.

  • Development Profile – Intended for use by Performance Coaches, as well as Line Managers, this report is used solely in a developmental context. It provides an in-depth behavioural view of the candidate against 45 indicators measured by Dimensions. Typically, it is given to the candidate with feedback from the coach.

  • Development Feedback Report – Provides developmental feedback around the individual’s typical behaviour at work, as well as suggesting the likely implications of these behaviours.
    Elements Report – Provides results of the Talent Q Elements Numerical Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning and Logical Reasoning Tests, relative to the comparison group. For more information about Talent Q Elements click here.

  • Role Match Profile – Provides risk identification in a recruitment context, by analysing an individual’s typical behaviour in relation to 15 important Dimensions.

  • Interview Guide – Compares and contrasts an individual’s typical behaviour with a user determined Role Profile identifying likely strengths and weaknesses.

Buy Talent Q Dimensions

To check pricing for Talent Q Dimensions click here.

Please contact us to buy the Talent Q Dimensions personality questionnaire. We accept payment by credit card via PayPal, as well as by Electronic Transfer, if you prefer.

About our Psychometric Testing Service

KSL Training offer:

  • A fast turnaround online aptitude testing service to assist in the recruitment and selection process, to screen prospective candidate/s.

  • Buy Talent Q tests and assessments online direct from our website, via PayPal.

  • Comprehensive psychometric reports and feedback.

  • Full consultancy support to help you make informed recruitment decisions. We are a licensed Talent Q partner, based in the UK.

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