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Leading Workplace Investigations

Program Overview
Workplace Investigations provide the basis for organizational policies, procedures and work rules. This unique, intensive learning program, taught by industry experts, allows you to explore SHRM’s best- practice framework for leading independent workplace investigations. Using a real-world case study and in-depth legal scenarios, this learning experience provides you with the opportunity to test your investigative skills in a safe and supportive learning environment of your peers from a wide network of professions. You will leave with proven, practical tools and techniques as you prepare to conduct your own workplace investigations.

Program Objectives
How You Will Benefit:
•    Describe and apply the 7-step framework for conducting effective workplace investigations both in person and remotely
•    Identify the competencies associated with an investigator
•    Define the role of an investigator
•    List the pros and cons of formal investigations
•    Name the goals of the workplace investigation process


Program Modules
This program includes the following modules:

•    Module 1: Introduction
o    Program overview

•    Module 2: An Introduction to Workplace Investigations
o    Goals of an internal investigation process
o    Pros and cons of formal Investigations
o    The role and competencies required of an investigator

•    Module 3: Seven-Step Framework for Conducting Effective Workplace Investigations
o    Determine if an investigation is required
o    Define the objective of the investigation and make a plan
o    Conduct interviews and gather data
o    Analyze and validate data
o    Summarize results and develop a recommendation
o    Determine corrective actions
o    Apply the findings to educate and mitigate risks

•    Module 4: Conclusion
o    Final suggestions
o    Course reflection and next steps
o    Program follow-up and Q&A


Leading Workplace Investigations

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