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Leading a Future-Focused People Strategy


Talent is an organization’s biggest asset and developing a consistent and comprehensive approach to maximizing the potential of  this asset has never been more critical. Through this course, you  will create a thoroughly defined road map to build your strategy  design team, generate buy-in, and hold critical discussions about  the future of talent in your organization. You will interact with  other HR professionals and senior leaders to learn how to develop and execute a comprehensive people strategy. The course  dives into the four components of a well-rounded HR strategy:  Accelerate Performance, Champion Culture, Maximize Talent,  and Optimize Intelligence. Your expert facilitator will guide you  through current talent trends and foster discussion on how trend  responsiveness will support your organization. You will leave  with a list of the most pressing topics for your organization to  address along with techniques to have these discussions and  reach business critical decisions.



This program is designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to:

  • Understand the foundational elements to creating and  executing a strategy.

  • Discuss SHRM’s organizational framework and how it should  influence your people strategy.

  • Explore business trends that inform talent-focused  strategies.

  • Develop a comprehensive road map to develop a people  strategy.



SECTION 1: Introduction


SECTION 2: People Strategy Basics

  • People Strategy Defined
  • People Strategy and  Business Strategy
  • People Strategy Process
  • Generating Senior Leadership Buy-In
  • Building Your Development Team
  • Setting Strategic Priorities
  • Developing a Project Plan
  • Communicating and Managing Change
  • Identifying Metrics and Sharing Results


SECTION 3: SHRM’s Organizational Framework Overview


SECTION 4: Accelerate Performance

  • Components of Culture
  • How Does Culture Happen?
  • Assessing Culture and Inclusion
  • Inclusive Culture Scenario
  • Application Exercise


SECTION 5: Creating Culture Intentionally

  • Outcome Focus
  • Buy-In and Adoption
  • Organizational Design
  • Workforce Planning


SECTION 5: Champion Culture

  • Organizational Resilience
  • Innovation Culture
  • Risk Management
  • Inclusion
  • Collaborative Culture
  • Labor Strategy


SECTION 6: Maximize Talent

  • Leadership Development
  • Compensation & Benefits
  • Employer Brand
  • Engagement Strategy
  • Performance Appraisal
  • Internal Mobility


SECTION 7: Optimize Intelligence

  • Trend Responsiveness
  • HR Technology
  • Metrics & Analytics
  • Technology Implementation


SECTION 8: Action Planning

  • Developing Your Next Steps
  • Mapping Contingencies
  • Identifying Risks


SECTION 9: Wrap-Up




Leading a Future-Focused People Strategy

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