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HR Business Partners: Enhancing  your Strategic Contributions


In this highly interactive program, you will build skills that set  you apart as a trusted HR business partner (HRBP). You will  uncover the influential power of the HRBP role and leave this  course confident in your ability to improve HR services across  your organization through a solid HRBP structure. Designed with  HR practitioners in mind, this course provides opportunities for  you to analyze real-world case studies and engage in dynamic  group discussions to strengthen your consulting skills, business  acumen, and ability to strategically contribute to organizational  goals. You will also create your own business case and implementation plan that you can use to facilitate your organization’s  transition to the HRBP structure.



This program is designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to:

  • Identify key leadership skills of HR business partners.

  • Demonstrate effective internal consulting services.

  • Demonstrate business acumen and an awareness of the financial drivers of company performance.

  • Develop a business case and implementation plan for your  organization to transition to the HRBP structure.

  • Align your recommendations with the strategic direction of  the organization



SECTION 1: Introduction


SECTION 2: Performance Expectations for HR Business Partners

  • Key skills
  • Developmental priorities
  • Build your skill as a strategic contributor
  • Track metrics line managers value
  • Learn about your industry and business
  • Continually ask how HR can make a difference
  • Demonstrating your skill as a business leader and HR professional
  • Perform to gain trust and confidence of organization leaders


SECTION 3: Internal Consulting Skills

  • Process vs. expert consulting
  • Alignment with the internal client organization
  • Using questions effectively
  • Develop relationships with business leaders
  • Five-step internal consulting process (steps 1-2)
  • Interviewing and information gathering
  • Presenting your ideas effectively to align with the needs of the organization
  • Five-step internal consulting process (steps 3-5)


SECTION 4: Business Acumen

  • Why business acumen is essential for HR business partners
  • Business models
  • Cash flow compared to profits


SECTION 5: Align Projects with Strategic Direction

  • Definition and use
  • Elements to consider
  • Components of an effective business case
  • Presenting your business case


SECTION 6: Leadership Skills for HR Business Partners

  • Build your skills as a strategic contributor
  • Track metrics that managers value
  • Ensure traditional HR role is running smoothly
  • Learn about the organization and the mission
  • Continually ask “How can HR make a difference?”
  • Move away from the “policing” role
  • Move toward a “partnership” role
  • Build on the basics to ensure a strategic focus


SECTION 7: Conclusion




HR Business Partners: Enhancing your Strategic Contributions

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