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Employee Engagement: Elevating the Human Experience

Program Overview
In this interactive learning program, designed to explore the future of the employee experience, you will connect with other seasoned HR practitioners as you participate in meaningful activities and discussions around employee engagement and workplace culture. You will leave this program with a concrete human experience strategy that helps to make work meaningful to employees and supports your organization’s specific needs.


Program Objectives
This program is designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to:
•    Analyze the evolution of the employee experience in the workplace
•    Examine your organizational culture as it relates the human experience
•    Develop a human experience strategy that aligns with the needs of your organization
•    Create an action plan that helps drive the human experience at your organization


Program Modules
This program includes the following modules:

•    Module 1: Introduction
o    Welcome
o    Course Objectives

•    Module 2: Analyzing Human Experience in the Workplace
o    The Human Experience Framework
o    Work-Life Balance
o    Employee Engagement
o    Employee Experience
o    Human Experience
o    Case Study Introduction: The Story of Spark Corporation


•    Module 3: Cultivating Human Experience
o    Sources of Motivation
o    What is Meaningful Work?
o    Three Pillars of Human Experience
o    Purpose
o    Case Study Activity to Apply Purpose at Spark Corporation
o    Community
o    Case Study Activity to Apply Corporate Social Responsibility at Spark Corporation
o    Opportunity
o    Case Study Activities to Evaluate Spark Corporation’s Opportunities
o    The Agile Workspace
o    Case Study Activity discussing how agile is Spark Corporation
o    Human Experience at Spark

•    Module 4: Developing a Human Experience Strategy
o    Developing Your Strategy
o    Measuring Engagement
o    Collecting Data
o    Building the Business Case
o    Aligning Initiatives to Strategy
o    Employee Ownership
o    Case Study: Human Experience Strategy at Spark

•    Module 5: Conclusion
o    Program Objectives
o    Knowledge Center
o    Thank You


Employee Engagement: Elevating the Human Experience

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