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Communicating with Credibility

Program Overview
Traditional internal communication strategies are no longer working to build an authentic emotional connection at the workplace. Cultivating effective ways to communicate in the workplace is vital for building a successful career. Communicating with Credibility is a one-day educational program that utilizes storytelling practices to strengthen communication skills and build compelling messages. Using real-life workplace scenarios, this interactive program introduces effective storytelling practices designed to build leadership, management and interpersonal skills. You will leave this program empowered with the knowledge and tools needed to employ storytelling practices that effectively drive performance, build employee relations, model behaviors, and create a workplace culture that is built on human experience.


Program Objectives
This program is designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to:
•    Structure and deliver messages effectively using storytelling guidelines
•    Apply the elements of a storytelling process to introduce a topic, shape your messaging, and inspire action
•    Read your audience and skillfully target your message to your recipient(s)
•    Create an action plan to continue growing your storytelling skills and practices


Program Modules
This program includes the following modules:

•    Module 1: Introduction

•    Module 2: Workplace Communications
o    Miscommunication
o    Communication Factors
o    Employee Engagement Connection

•    Module 3: The Power of Storytelling
o    Future of Storytelling
o    Leadership Storytelling
o    When to Tell a Story
o    Story Repository

•    Module 4: The Structure of a Compelling Story
o    Story Elements
o    Storyboarding
o    The Story Arc
o    Story Characteristics

•    Module 5: Identifying Stakeholders
o    The Audience
o    Mapping
o    Identifying Influence

•    Module 6: Storytelling and Data
o    Data Types
o    Impact of Data
o    Weaving Data into Storytelling

•    Module 7: Becoming a Storyteller
o    Public Speaking
o    Transitioning from Presenting to Storytelling

•    Module 8: Conclusion

Communicating with Credibility

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