Is an international, state-of-the-art factor based job grading system with automated job matchings.


Tharwah is the official partner for gradar in Saudi Arabia



Now you can evaluate jobs within three career paths:

  • People Management

  • Individual Contribution

  • Project Management

With our service you will get:

  • ​A reasonably priced and international tool

  • A modern, state-of-the-art user interface

  • Localization in twelve languages

  • Full ownership of your job evaluation process

  • Comprehensible and consistent results

  • Compatibility to >10 compensation surveys

  • Automated job matchings to > 5 survey vendors through >125 gradar job families

What is Job Evaluation?

The concept of job evaluation describes a standardised approach to analyse and evaluate jobs within an organisation based on their formal work requirements. Common synonyms are job grading and position evaluation or else work analysis.

  • Job evaluation determines the relative value of a position.

  • Positions with a comparable set of requirements are shown on the same level (= grade).

  • Job evaluation only determines the position‘s factual requirements, neither the incumbents‘ performance, nor the position title or the reporting line.

What is gradar?

gradar is a modern and affordable job evaluation system that analyses and evaluates jobs in three different career paths and 25 grades. gradar is the pioneer of the next generation of job evaluation systems. When designing the system, we took into account the needs of our global clientele and reduced the complexity of the job grading process. Our users are empowered to analyze and evaluate their jobs themselves. They are supported by a standardized translation into benchmark positionsfrom leading compensation studies as well as competencies from the well-known TMA competency library.

What are the benefits of job evaluation?

We will helps you create a strong foundation for numerous instruments and processes in modern HR management.

Compensation structure

Lay the groundwork for cost-efficient remuneration management with pay bands and bonus models.

Organisational development

Optimise reporting channels and decision-making structures

Job architecture

Create an analytical basis for organization-specific career paths, job titles and job descriptions.

Equal Pay

Establish a fair and transparent remuneration policy

Process optimisation

Accelerate your succession management, recruitment and salary negotiations


Develop optimal organization specific competency models based on gradar career paths, job families and grades.